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Thailand is considered an Emerging Country for the purposes of the 2019/2020 OCM announcement and therefore gives access to maximum points?
We are now at an advanced stage in the approach to one of the most promising and under-penetrated markets for Italian wines. Suffice it to say that France has a 42% market share, the US 10%, and Italy only 6% (source: Thai Custom 2018). Clearly, there is something wrong with the strategy.

Past tenders have probably not yielded the desired results, given that Italian penetration has remained the same for years and the market is still mostly managed by distributors who opt for low-end wines (up to EUR 2.50 per bottle) while competing with producers who export wines here up to EUR 8/bottle (average value).

It is the usual individualistic approach that holds our products back. As a matter of fact, the distributor is NOT the producer’s ally: he is a competitor who profits from the producer’s loss of earnings (read discount).

Changing the trend: we work in partnership

Our project (YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE DETAIL HERE) involves a partnership between you as producers and us as importers, on your behalf. We share choices, decide on strategies and sell together, raising the average value/bottle. Our goal is to bring it up to EUR 7. We will explain how.

OCM NOTICE 2019/2020

There is little time, but it can be done; or at the very least, we prepare for next year. We plan your participation in the call for funds for the promotion of Italian wine in third countries (Extra-EU), according to the scheme below

Who is eligible Individual companies, temporary and non-temporary associations and consortia of producers with a total discharge of at least 15,000 litres and who have not benefited from similar calls after 2014
Contribution value maximum 50% of the costs incurred. The minimum eligible contribution is EUR 3,000 per project. The maximum contribution can be 5% of the turnover in the last financial year.
Product being promoted wines with a protected designation of origin;wines with a protected geographical indication;quality sparkling wines;quality aromatic sparkling wines;wines with an indication of the variety
Duration 1 year max
Eligible Actions public relations, promotion and publicity actionsparticipation in events, fairs and exhibitions of international importanceinformation campaignsstudies to evaluate the results of information and promotion actions
Evaluation method Scores awarded for criteria related to the country being promoted, the producing company and the product. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar have Emerging Market status and therefore enjoy the highest score.
Deadline for submission 15 july 2019
What we can do build the project for you, ensuring the highest rating for the country of export. Support you in the presentation of the project by providing the necessary documentation. Manage the project in the operational phase. In case there is not enough time to participate in this call, prepare the file for next year.

The Italian Food Asia Consortium can enable you to enter the market (and thus easily open Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar) in two ways:
1) by accessing a funding call
2) independently, by planning to participate in the call for tenders for 2020/2021.
In the two downloadable files by clicking below you will find:

a) The call for proposals explained in brief and in detail (DOWNLOAD)
b) Our standard project to sell your wines in Thailand without participating in the call for tenders (DOWNLOAD)

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