Tenuta Secolo IX wine Thailand

The winery Tenuta Secolo IX welcomes you to territories that smell of history and traditions that have been handed down over time have accompanied the viticulture to date, guaranteeing quality and authenticity.

Located at the foot of Mount Morrone, in the heart of Abruzzo, a green region of Europe, where monumental mountains climb to the sky, then descend into soft valleys rich in ancient villages that accompany the landscape to the sea.
Tenuta Secolo IX has maintained a strong link with the territory and with its own distinctive features. In particular with the abbey of S. Clemente a Casauria today a national monument, in the past a meeting place and a symbol of development and progress. Discussion and growth point, it is fundamental for the rediscovery of the Moscatello cultivation.

The mastery and wisdom that have characterized the production of wine and oil in the past, have been handed down to today, and it is precisely these that confer an added value that knows of commitment, research and dedication, and which is recognizable in the our products.
We will accompany you to discover our wines, unique products born from the symbiosis between earth and man and from sustainable crops that respect the territory.

The commitment is at the basis of the work of Tenuta Secolo IX and it is thanks to it that our wines do not represent a simple product of nature but precious foods of the Italian culinary tradition.
Our production philosophy is focused primarily on a careful and prudent agronomic management of the vineyards: good wine is produced in the vineyard.

The farm is under “integrated agriculture“, therefore with a low environmental impact, as it provides for the coordinated and rational use of all the factors of production in order to minimize the use of technical means that have an impact on the environment or consumer health.

In the cellar, the work of transforming the grapes into wine is inspired by the utmost respect for the raw material: our goal is to transfer all the good things to the bunches in the glass, in a simple way.

Each phase of the production process is scrupulously kept under control, we prefer to resort to physical rather than chemical technologies; for example, the use of tangential filtration, thanks to a drastic reduction of microbial populations in wines, allows us to significantly reduce the use of sulphites.
Only if you have a “light hand” in the cellar is it possible to produce.
Our vines are characterized by favorable and unique soil and climatic conditions that give the wines unique flavors and hints.
We cultivate dark and powerful grapes, characterized by hints of cherry and morello cherry. From these we derive our Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC and Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC, types of highly prized Abruzzo wines, appreciated and sought after all over the world.

From our white grapes, as well as the typical PGI Pecorino d’Abruzzo, we obtain the dry white Moscato IGP, an aromatic wine with a unique flavor and the highly prized Moscatello Passito.
Tenuta Secolo IX was born precisely from the will and desire to bring this highly esteemed grape that marks the history, tradition and richness of this territory for more than 13 centuries. Thanks to its value, Moscato di Castiglione in Casauria, has represented in the distant past a currency of exchange between the populations that lived or crossed the territory.

Depending on the type of processing, it can be transformed into a delicious and aromatic dry or passito white wine and therefore sweeter, known as “Moscatello“, sought after and appreciated for the balance between sweet and savory notes.

Tenuta Secolo IX: not just wine

The quality, the attention to detail and the attention that characterizes the processing of the raw materials, makes our wines, with their peculiarities, enhance your moments of conviviality not only at the table, transforming them into unique sensorial experiences with unrepeatable flavors.