Pauciuri Barbera Magliocco
Tenute Pacelli Thailand


Location Of Vineyards: Malvito (CS)
Type Of Grapes: Barbera 60%, Magliocco 40%
Harvest Period: September
Vinification: Maceration of the skins at controlled temperature for about one week. Temperature of fermentation 28/30° C, Malolactic fermentation.
Refinement: in 5hl Oak barrels for at least 6 months
Colour: Dark red ruby
Fragrance: Fine, vinous and fruity aroma
Taste: Pleasant floral notes of violet, spiced and toasted.
Alcohol Degree: 14% Vol
Serving Suggestions: Temperature 18° C

Pauciuri Barbera Magliocco From the oldest vineyard, it is the company’s historic wine. Aged in tonneau, from 2009 to today, it has the same elegance, structure and complexity of the first red signed by Pacelli. A wine with a ruby red color, with a fine, vinous and fruity aroma, with pleasant floral notes purple, spicy and toasted. Bio. (14%)