Ca’ Lunga: choose your emotion

Ca’ lunga wants to lay stress on a new philosophy of wine.

Our target is to produce exclusive bottles for people who can appreciate them and find the elegance of taste as well as the balance of our wines.
All this can give you so much pleasure, because tasting our wines means to choose emotions, cheerfulness to be lived in pleasant company.

Walking into Ca’ lunga is just like walking into Bacchus reign.

The wine-cellar, which was founded in 1961, is now run by the third generation: Mr Paolo Cassetta – the present owner – started a plan of modernization of the farm following his father and his grandfather’s invaluable advice, yet deciding from the very beginning of availing himself of the professionalism of an agronomist and of an oenologist. The plan started with an accurate and in-depth study of the pedoclimatic featueres of the state, as a result a complete reconversion of the 19 owned hectares of land took place, and criteria of high density as well as low production per stock were introduced

Obviously the species of vine chosen were the ones, which most suited the different soils and the climate according to the studies carried out; a deeper research was dedicated to the Sangiovese, a species of vine that the farm has decided to improve and exploit.

Updated cellar technologies, have led to raise the quality and the value of the Ca’ lunga wines. The use of wood is only reserved for exalting the characteristics of the most important wines and it is meant to be the ameliorative element, not the predominant one.

However the Cassetta family does not forget that the best guide is tradition, which teaches to pay attention to any phase of the product life, from the plant to the bottle. The man’s hand is irreplaceable and for this reason still nowadays the pruning, the grapes thinning, the harvesting and any other treatments are solely hand – made.