we distribute italian wine and food. with an added value

Consortium ITALIAN FOOD ASIA is the Italian Wine and Food Division of Kha Group, a group of Thai joint-ventured companies. Its purpose is to market italian wine and food producers into Thailand using an innovative approach: uniting producers, importers and promoters in a single homogeneous group with the same purpose: to sell, together.

Given the considerable opportunities that Thailand offers for the Italian wine and food market, we propose an innovative Export model that guarantees good sales performance and maximizes profits even for small/medium Italian companies that would otherwise find cultural, commercial and regulatory obstacles, difficult to overcome.

The Consortium, in addition to providing member companies with all the support for a successful Market Entry (Regulatory, Marketing, Logistics, Positioning), manages the distribution of the members directly and in a widespread way through two distributors "in-house", focused respectively on Wine and Food, which boast top-level structures and Know How and a widespread coverage of Thailand and Cambodia on all potential channels (HO.RE.CA., Retail and GDO)

Officina del Prosciutto

Distributor of food and wine in Thailand and Cambodia

Easy Wine

Distributor of Wine and Food in Thailand

why with us?


Italian Wine and Food: Why to join the Consortium?

We created this concept after months of studies on actual market situation. Recent changings in international staus quo, with imposition of duties, economic slowdown in some regions, and lastly sanitary emergencies, made the market unbalanced and requiring new sap, new ideas and updated strategies.

Sending hundreds of emails, attending fairs, entertaining long and stressfull negotiation is not going to bring you a mid-long term business espectation.

Since the Digital Era started market is saturated by product offers. Who gives a real added value will get a market share. Others will keep sending emails and waiting...

Italian Food Asia enable you to enter IMMEDIATELY in Thai and Cambodian market, the most profitable and fast-growing area (ASEAN) in the world.

By joining the consortium you are granted the immediate opening of the market; if the product is considered palatable for the market, our distributors will immediately begin to purchase ensuring non-competition between the associated companies. We are Kha Group!

how to join us


Joining Consortium Italian Food Asia is simple.

After a preliminary evaluation of your products, to evaluate their degree of acceptability and the potential in the local market, the Company joins the Consortium by paying an annual fee for the first two years.

Membership from the third year onwards shall be free.

The Company member shall have the right to attend all the istitutional events of the Consortium and to use our venues for their visits.

Members will not have any obbligation or resposibility in the project.

sales network

wine app thailand

How we sell your products?

Hotels Restaurants and Shops can order through our sales network or directly from the "Member Area" in this site. You can Register by clicking the button on the right.

in addition to the traditional HoReCa channel, we dedicate labels exclusively to the Retail market by promoting them through our APP for Android and IOS systems. You can download by clicking on the button.

Delivery service is for all Thailand territory and is guarantee door-to-door in 24 hours.

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